Fastest Growing T3 League for Rainbow Six Siege

Competitive Gaming League | R6, also known as CGL | R6 is a fast-growing Tier 3 league. Players compete in a regular season, followed by a postseason finale. Teams placing first and second in the top 3 divisions will win a prize pool. CGL | R6 is broken down into four competitive divisions. From top to bottom, Champion, Major, Minor, and Entry. All divisions except for Entry Division have an amazing prize pool. 


We have our own vision here at CGL | R6. We are different from the other leagues you may come across. With a streamlined rulebook, easy to understand point systems, public stats, and so much more. Your time while on a team inside of CGL | R6 will be the most exclusive experience you will have while competing, anywhere!


Competitive Gaming League | R6  was established in early 2019. With a mission to deliver a fair and honest competition for the players. A league focused on open and honest communication with all the players that make up Rainbow Six League.


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